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Indianapolis 500: Green Car Curse
Airdate: Friday - May 26, 1967

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
What is it you are not supposed to look a gift horse in?. . .
Show Description
Indianapolis - A cornfield with street lights. Indiana state trooper point system for out of state license plates. New York is a 10 pointer. By the year 1990 there will be traffic police on sidewalks. One of the basic drives behind man is the "fiesta drive" Og and Charlie sitting scrunched over, belching and grunting. Og looks at Charlie and grunts. "Charlie, let's go and tie one on", leading to Democratic conventions, the American Legion, the Ed Sullivan Show, and to tonight's "Salute to the Indianapolis 500, or salute to one of the great nutty things in American life". Shep talks of the people and events that encompass the days around the Indy 500 each year. "This is the biggest 'county fair' ever." The types of people who meet each other only once every year at the race. They go early every year and wander around greeting each other and exchanging stories of the past year. They come with the beer, hot dogs, mustard and pinochle cards, waiting for the gates open. They all roar when the race starts, watching the first lap and then settle down to pinochle.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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