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The Perfect Christmas Gift - Salami
Rerun Date: Monday - March 17, 1975

WOR Show
WBJC Synd Replay

(Syndicated Release)

Last Update: 11-14-2019

First Line After Theme Ends
Hey, you know, I can't believe it, it's Friday. . . 
Show Description
Christmas gifts and shopping madness. Mail call in the Army - getting packages from back home for Christmas. After a long block of commercials, Shep comments about time, the theory of relativity, and quantum leaps. Then more commercials. The story of Goldworm and the Kosher Salami. How a five foot salami becomes an enterprising business in the Army.
Imagine a guy in the army calling the office, this is WOR New York
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Engineer and other Staff in Booth
'Corny' - Elga Cornell Brown
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