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Cleaning Out the Files
Airdate: Wednesday - July 27, 1966

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Double talk, thy name is double talk. . .
Show Description
Reads letter from fan who's wife was asked by the neighbor who that was that her husband was always listening to - Jean Shepherd, the man of a thousand faces. Overhears lady who is in terrible distress. "Doesn't know why he did it" She was talking about her parakeet that flew out the window. Pittsburgh - Melvin Sweeny thought he heard a burglar in the apartment. He grabs his 22 rifle and fires four shots. One kills the dog and another hits a gas pipe to the stove. His wife hears the noise and comes into the room lighting a cigarette - booom! No more Melvin. Nieman Marcus presents the Silver Spoon - a finishing school for young girls. "It's amazing how much the stuff that is so deeply involved, so important to us, how transitory it really is." We all have things in our mind that were are planning to get, that if we could only get it, things would be better - at any given moment. When we get it, our mind immediately searches for the next thing. The Wall Street Journel - "Never bought a copy - don't measure up to it." Reads article about building in Chicago made completely of rusty iron. Detroit should build cars that are rusty. New law in California requires a license for surfboards. Are ice skates, scooters, even shoes next? They are all means of transportation. Licenses for bicycles.
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