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Shep's Trip to the Middle East - Part 3
Airdate: Wednesday - June 8, 1966

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First Line After Theme Ends
There we go, adjusting the controls here. . .
Show Description
Skin diving in the Red Sea. Shep had promised to tell about Skin diving, but immediately gets side tracked talking about the area. King Solomon's Mines and the area. Why do they call the Red Sea "Red"? It has to do with the way the sun strikes the water and reflects off the mountains. The area is called the "end of the world". Shep stayed at the Queen of Sheba Hotel. Eating at the "The Blue Fish" restaurant. Shep finally gets around to telling about the skin diving. The water is different from any sea water you ever waded in. Clear as glass. Because it is surrounded by mountains the bottom slants downward very quickly.
(Singing during theme) "I just do this to louse up those kids who want to record my theme."
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