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Do it yourself camp art, Tillie and Gus
Airdate: Wednesday - June 1, 1966

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Oh, it's three o'clock in the morning. . . (singing)
Show Description
It's raining in NY. Sings "3 O'Clock in the Morning". Talks about old radio show Mr. First Nighter and it's great appeal in midwest The lure of New York. Kids pick up foreign phrases from movies and work them into everyday speech Schweinhundt, achtung, caramba! Lifebuoy down the tonsils - various reactions to different soaps in the mouth. Enough with second-rate classics, where's "Bad Movie Time" on TV? Do-It-Yourself Camp - how to create your own works of art with every day items. Who needs Andy Warhol when you can get your own can of Campbell's Soup? Shep saw a great movie on TV - "Tillie and Gus", with W.C. Fields, and recounts many plot points.
Palisades Amusement Park at end after theme
Commercials (All times approximate)
Music (All times approximate)
Not Determined yet
Needs to be ID'd
Chopin (Tonight We Love) or is it Tchaikovsky?
Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Max Schmid
Rating: Not Rated
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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