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Memorial Day / Inside the orchestra
Airdate: Monday - May 30, 1966

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Oh you like that story, heh?
Show Description
Forest Fire PSA at top - "Next, the World of Jean Shepherd" - full open. Bad poem about a frog. Memorial Day Shep's shoulders are uneven from carrying a Kahn B flat tuba in parades. Corrects himself - a sousaphone is not a tuba. He was second-best High School player in state competition. He was given charge of a German silver mouthpiece for four years of HS. A sousaphone must be warmed up before playing. Secrets of the orchestra - people talk all through concert, unheard from audience. Many count off the rests, others blow spit on players around them. He mentions several all-state concerts he was involved with, one at the Grant Park bandshell, conducted by Dr. Frederick Stock. Ruth, star oboist, played entire solo with a split lip, like a boxer. Trumpet soloist William Tate had his trumpet crushed and had to play a borrowed instrument. Timpani player is doing Wagner solo when the drum head splits apart. Occupational hazards of music - green thumb from tuba ring, calluses, etc.
Smokey Bear promo full Palisades Amusement Park at end after theme
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By: Max Schmid
Rating: Not Rated
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