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Fat Pains and Tight Underwear
Airdate: Monday - May 9, 1966

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
I'm from New Jersey and I'm proud of it. . . (Singing)
Show Description
"Peek-a-boo! See, I came in just in time to louse up your tape recording friend - yes, indeed. Oh what a rotten person!" After the theme, Shep breaks right into song by singing (?) the new official state song of New Jersey. In a New York Times front page article, Cornell University has concluded a seven year study and gave low ratings to American bathrooms. In other studies, new ailments breaking out include back problems from watching too many re-runs, eye problems from watching the second Late Late Movie, and aching pains just over the left buttocks from carrying a wallet thick from credit cards. "Credit-card-itis" The 'painful' discussion continues as Shep talks about the Yankees and what he feels are the effects of tight underwear. He tells about when he was playing ball as a kid and got hit in the head with a pitch. Not only was he called out, but he suffered a ringing in the head for six weeks. Once, his batting average had slipped 70 points and the coach tells him that his problem was tight underwear. So he goes out and buys 3 new pair of jockey shorts and his batting average goes up 40 points in a week. Miami Beach, Fla. from the head of Dorian Ficarrelo comes "peculiar sounds" Squishing, wheezing, and whining sounds come from his head in a peculiar fashion. The only man with noises in his head that others can hear. After falling off a ladder, surgeons attempted three time to silence the noises in his head. He couldn't even go to the movies because it disturbed people all around. Another ailment Shep had was in infection in the middle ear that made him think E. Power Biggs, the famous organist, was playing Bach right next door, humming and tapping his feet at the same time. Finally Shep discusses a Time Magazine article about Northern Indiana. People are discovering the Midwest. He compares melting pots - NY vs Chicago.
The "Tight Underwear story was told on his 5-2-59 show and again during the 8-26-67 Limelight show,
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
Jews Harp
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