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True Believer-dom
Airdate: Friday - February 18, 1966

WOR Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
Dear Abbey. . . (after humming a while) 
Show Description
"Are you one of the down-trodden sensative ones?" Dear Abbey -do you think parents should pay their children for good grades? Alienation - The feeling that guys have that they're not part of society. The Beatles - they can consider themselves teenagers whenever it's necessary. A Discussion about the Kulacks "The world has been taken over by the 'True-Believers' " The non-believers vs the true-believers. A camp is a group of people who want to replace one set of values with another - theirs. Knowledge is not the same as wisdom Life size inflatable legs. Makes a wonderful gift for the man who has almost everything! Archy the Cockroach - "The Flattered Lightning Bug"
Speaking of Kulacks - this is WOR AM and FM New York
Coty Perfume - Imprevu
Luden's Cough Drops
Miller Beer
Rover 2000
First Film Music
Unknown - 'archie' blues - ragtime
Unknown Orchestral
Needs to be ID'd
m_134 - Orchestral Music (36:00 50 great moments in music?) m_133 - Piano Music (Archie album? 39:00 Joseph Lamb - A Study in Classic Ragtime)
Engineer and other Staff in Booth
Not Determined
By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
Related Plots and Story Lines Used
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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