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The Excelsior Fund
Airdate: Monday - January 24, 1966

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Now will you please prepare my magnificent salute. . .
Show Description
August 9, 1959 the "Beadle Bumble Fund" was established by the Richmond News Leader to pay fines for people who prove that the law is "an ass and an idiot". The first fine of $25.00 was paid on behalf of a man who walked across the hood of a car blocking a pedestrian walk, and received a ticket from the policeman to whom it belonged. Some of the other "Beadle Bumble Fund" payouts: Parking too far from the curb even though all the other cars were further. Violating the Blue Laws by painting the parking lines in a parking lot on Sunday - the only day the lot was empty. Putting a second dime in the parking meter. Fishing in Bird Park without a license - He was putting a worm on a hook for a three year old fishing in the park. Shep parks scooter illegally to mail a letter and receiving a $15.00 ticket. Forming a fund called the "Excelsior Fund" Pay the cabbies $45 fine for speeding when he was trying to get blood to a local hospital to save a life. Shep is stopped for backing up on a street to avoid a trafic jam and is arrested because of improper identification. They didn't believe his name was 'Jean'. When he got back to the car, there was a $15.00 ticket for parking on the highway. Getting on line at the motor vehicle and after endless hours of waiting finding out it's the wrong line.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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