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Winter Kid Sports - Swamp Hockey
Airdate: Tuesday - January 18, 1966

WOR Show
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Show Description
Guys who come from cold climates rarely are hung up on winter sports. The world of kid's sports. Shep spends the show talking about being a kid in the winter. He talks about playing ice hockey down at the swamp near the Calumet to the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Very descriptive segment about the surrounding and atmosphere of the swamp. Shep, Flick, Bruner, Schwartz, Farkas, Martin - about 10 altogether, go out to this swamp about 2 miles from home one night. Catching a puck in the eye. They played until it got so dark you couldn't see the puck. Suddenly, Martin disappears! He went through the ice into the water. Schwartz crawls out on the ice and he goes through the ice. The ice creaks all around. Within 45 seconds they were all in the water. They swim to the edges and try climbing out and the ice keeps breaking away. They finally all get out onto hard ground. 10 scared kits all scared to go home. The feeling of the frozen corduroy knickers. They light a fire to dry out their clothes. The feeling of getting back home to the warmth of the house. He closes the show telling about going out onto Lake Michigan on an ice boat. Going faster and faster across the ice.
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