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Early Days in Cincinnati - Amos and Andy
Airdate: 1965

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First Line After Theme Ends
Like all of us there Kingfish, like every last one of us. . .
Show Description
Shep begins the show talking about the old radio show "Amos and Andy" and how they got their start. This leads to talking about his mother listening, teary-eyed, to radio operas. He talks about his early radio days in Cincinnati and how he did the commentary for Saturday afternoon Operas.
This was one of many shows that were recorded for syndication sometime in late 1964, early 1965. Label Reads: Jean Shepherd Show #60 Hartwest Productions, Inc The Warwick 65 West 54th Street New York, NY 10019 (212) JUdson 6 - 7272 Chief of production - David Sureck Duplication by: Avery & Elkins, Inc New York City
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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