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The Turn of the Last Century, New Years Literature
Airdate: Friday - December 31, 1965

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Yes, and there's no question about it. . .
Show Description
"Applauding the New Year and weeping the old year as it quietly disappears... It will take me well into July to stop writing 1965 on my checks." Shep talks about the turn of the last century, writing 1900 for the first time. Predictions by prophets. "Ultimately the 20th century will go down as the century of great wars." A discussion of Literature on New Year's and the year coming in leads Shep to read several poems and fables: 2 poems by Robert Service - "The Passing of the Year" from 1903 and "New Years Eve" from 1897. George Ade's "The Fable Of Successful Tobias And Some Of His Happy New Years" "Archie the Cockroach" by Don Marquis "Keep your knees loose..."
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[20:07, 24:23, 31:16, 39:01] Unknown Piano Ragtime (Same album as "Archie" music?)
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• Robert Service Read by Shep
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