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Justice for Underdogs - Worms
Airdate: Monday - August 22, 1966

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 10-05-2012

First Line After Theme Ends
Now Look, if you can't take it, you better get out of this neighborhood. . .
Show Description
Rotten Jokes Speaking of rotten jokes, how about a salute to WOR FM's rotten music time. . . (referring to the 7/29/66 end of his show on WOR FM.) Something awful to report - A Britsh court has ruled tha a husband who loses his wife to an ungly or poor man suffers more than is she runs off with a handsome or rich man and is entitled to more dough in damages. Worm diggers strike in Maine, the value that earthworms contribute to life. Shep concludes with recalling his own worm business as a kid.
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Jews Harp
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