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Headhunters of the Amazon
Airdate: Saturday - September 18, 1965

Limelight Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
He's been giving the same weather now for two and a half weeks. . .
Show Description
1st hour "To all of those for which it ain't gonna happen tonight, we dedicate this show." "We were all born a warm bowl of cherry jello with no mold" "Peter Pain" has been eliminated by the Ben Gay company. The fun guys of the world - being a playboy... Going on a date... Watching the Late Show on TV, Chelo playing... "Speaking of Gum Chewers, where are we gang..." Shep starts telling the story of going to the Amazon to visit the Shopra Indians of Peru. He describes the trip going down there and arriving in the jungles. Sol kept comparing it to the Catskills. He talks about the transportation methods, flying over the Andes Mountains over the unmapped country. 2nd Hour Shep tells the story about how Barry Farber "arranged" for Shep to make the trip to the Amazon to deliver 500 pounds of Luden's cough drops which Barry had won at a candy convention to be given to his favorite charity. Having just interviewed the chief of a headhunter's tribe in Peru, he named them as his favorite charity and asked Shep to go on his behalf to deliver them. He talks about the interpreter and how she and another girl, just out of college, went to meet this tribe and interpret their language. It took 8 years and she was eventually made a 'sister' of the tribe. He decribes eating monkey which is one of the main foods they consume. He spends the rest of the show showing and describing some of the things he brought back with him. A 'wife beater' which isused in competition and you're out if you draw blood. It is hung on the center poll of their hut. "Speaking of wife beaters - this is WOR..." A head hunter's arrow with a wooden tip covered with curarae. Used for hunting jaguar. A twin tipped arrow used for fishing. A hunting bow A hand made violin made by a 16 year old named Arushba. A head dress A hand carved paddle signed by the chief who also drew a picture of Shep's face and a child to symbolize the fun they had. A hand woven skirt. Shep tells how he played the nose flute - "The Hudson High theme song, and the Jews Harp in a duet with them.
Introduces Sol Potemkin who was the photographer that went along and Lee Chamberlan
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2 tapes
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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September 1965
Shep with the Natives - courtesy Gregg Potemkin

Courtesy: Gene Bergmann

September 1965
Chief Tariri

Courtesy: Rich Badagliacca

September 1965
Shep in Peru

Courtesy: Rich Badagliacca

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