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Mother's Day Show / Australia #1 - Shep in Australia
Airdate: Saturday - May 8, 1965

Limelight Show
Original Airing

First Line After Theme Ends
have to provide you with a genuine hate object. . .
Show Description
It's the day before mother's day and Shep talks about calling home to mom. After talking about how no one in the city talks to one another, he side tracks to making phone calls in a phone booth - like calling the weather, just to have someone talk to you. He then tells about finding phone numbers written on the phone booth wall and his experience in dialing one of them - a girl named Marie. After several self-aborted attemps he finally lets it ring and a guy answers. "Marie ain't here - are you calling from that phone booth at the H&H? (Horn and Hardart) In the second hour Shep talks about his recent trip to Australia. He read 7 books on Australia before leaving. Talking about how the people adapt to their environments, he pokes fun at Secaucus, New Jersey, saying those people have adapted by having skinny nose. (Due to all the pig farms that once existed there.) He decribes the flight to Australia and the countires he encountered along the way. At the airport he observes that all the souveniers in the gift shop were mostly made in Brooklyn. Between Darwin and Sidney he explains there are vast areas of desert where no man has ever set foot. He describes the kangaroos running freely around Sidney and the sharks swimming shoulder to shoulder just off shore. Sundays in Australia, the entire continent is turned off. He talks about the holidays there, the food they eat and a visit he made to a private home.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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