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Shep did not regularly take callers on his show and often, when he did, the caller was not heard. He would usually solicit these calls with the "I'll award a brass figlagee with bronze oak leaf palm to anyone that can tell me..." During the overnight shows in the 50's Shep would quite often talk with an unheard female on the phone. It was later revealed during an interview with Lois Nettleton, actress and Shep's wife from 1960 to 1967, that it was she who was the mystery caller. 9/10/60 - Shep takes calls from 2 listeners 8/20/65 - Shep asks for a caller who was listening the night he did the famous Soap Commercial that got him fired in the 50s and receives a call (26:30). 11/18/65 - "Nose Flute, Bad Books, Radio Parts" - Shep describes a book he had to read as a kid and how horrible it was. After describing it, he offered the "Brass Figlagee" to the first caller to name the title. One caller did and he spoke to the caller asking how other books affected him. 4-6-66 - "Curses" - Shep takes callers to check out the response to the playing of the 'Dyak Curse' 5-13-66 - "Kid Myths" - Shep takes a call from a kid to confirm the continuing rumors about golf balls. 5/19/66 - Max #213, Evil Eye- Shep gets inside track from call-in Doc on what that reflector thing that Docs wear on their heads does. Answer: nothing- just makes 'em look important. 6/29/66 - Disorganized Baseball - Takes a call from a female listener who says she's a "Bronx Tomato". Shep wanted to talk to a 'bimbo'. 1/29/68 - Shep takes a call from someone who attended his live show for the Raritan Valley Hospital benefit at Middlesex High School on Jan 26th. He is one of the students who gave Shep a propeller. 1969 - Shep asked listeners to call in to respond to his question "How would you describe your parents?" 9/17/69 - Max # MH103, New York's Losers- Shep talks to caller about New York Titans football team 7/9/71 Shep wanted to hear from other owners of Guinea Pigs as pets. 10-18-72 - Shep asked people who were at the previous night's Carnegie Hall show to call in. 1-30-73 - on "WOR LOOKS AT THE CRIME PROBLEM DAY" Shep asked policemen to call in 9-24-73 - Shep asked people who were at the previous night's Carnegie Hall Show to call in.
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