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Astronaut Gordon Cooper, the Aha Experience, Picture Flip Books
Airdate: Friday - May 17, 1963

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Last Update: 01-28-2008

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Have you notice that more and more. . .
Show Description
Shep mentions that Astronaut Gordon Cooper is reported in newspapers as if he was a piece of electronic equipment. Shep sings "Sitting On Top Of The World". Shep wishes that the astronauts were not such clean-cut looking people. He tells about a James Thurber short story " The Greatest Man In The World" (obviously inspired by Charles Lindbergh). The man makes a heroic airplane flight but it turns out that the man is a thug of the first order. He meets an untimely end in mysterious fashion. American can't have as a hero such an unworthy person. Shep talks about how we want to refer to our notable people by first name or in other familiar terms, with reference to Gordon Cooper's military rank. Shep talks about, when new in radio, he covered the Indianapolis 500 race. He reported how the race really was progressing (dull) but he was told by his boss to make the race more interesting, to "jazz it up". Shep then does his version of coverage of a space shot. He satirizes the coverage and shows how ordinary events are exaggerated. Nothing in particular may be happening, but the reporter makes it sound like a dangerous, exciting and unusual situation. Just trying to make a dull story exciting. Shep talks abut the "Aha! Experience". Shep is about six when he started school and was thrust into a new environment. He suddenly confronts new people who have different values and experiences. Tells story about when he was a kid he had picture "flip books" that he traded with other kids. He had one of a baseball player hitting a home run. He traded it for another one. It was a porno flip book but he was too young to know it. The old man took it and had a lot of fun with at card games with his friends.
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