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Long John Nebel Show

Station: WOR

How he got started in radio Went to school in Chicago - moved to Hammond while in High School. (See notes) Working at the steel mill. Shep goes into detail about the making of tin plate and the discussion leads to the pros and cons of using plastic cans to replace the tin can. He explains 'Reckoning', the method used to count sheets of tin by hand. When he was going into the Army they were setting up the first major Electroplating line. Started by doing a sports show for 2 hours on Saturdays. Later he went for an audition and was accepted, and began performing on various radio shows out of Chicago. Jack Armstrong, and The Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen. Claims he was on the first commercial color broadcast by NBC out of Philadelphia. Working at Cincinnati - WLW, he said he had a lot of technical resources and claims that he has several films of Bumpers. Long John remembers the first time he met Shep was in 1956 ("7 years ago" confirms 1963 date) when he published "I, Libertine"
Additional Comments:
According to Hammond school records he attended Hammond elementary schools also. They mention President Kennedy, so this dates it prior to 11/22