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Last Update: 11-15-2014
The Light Fantastic


Shep plays the part of Frank, the older Dance instructor. "In this romantic drama, a plain, lonely secretary wins three dance lessons. Her handsome instructor tells her that she is quite talented and cons her into signing a long-term contract. She soon finds herself in love with him, and an affair begins. The normally cold-hearted instructor is surprised when he finds himself genuinely returning her affections. Trouble ensues when she dances with another instructor who gives her exactly the same sales pitch." Source: IMDB - Written by Jim Sadur

Production Information:
Studio / Network: Embassy Pictures
Director: Robert McCarty
Asst Director:
Producer: Robert Gaffney
Executive Producer:
Running Time: 85 Minutes

October 12,1966
The Daily Gleaner

Courtesy: Steve Glazer


Dolores McDougal (Beverley)

Barry Bartle (Stephen)

Jean Shepherd (Frank)

Leslie Woods (Mrs. Sharpe)

Alan Bergmann (Bill)