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Columns / Short Stories
Shep was always writing. . .
Shep wrote columns and short stories for many magazines and newspapers over the years.

Many of those stories were later used in books, movies and on the air.

73 Magazine "Some Guys Make It And Then There's Us"
American Motor Scooter Club "Evolution of the Scooter"
Argosy Magazine "What Happened to our National Holiday?" Feb 1975
Audio Magazine Jazz by Jean (Monthly Column)
Car and Driver Magazine Monthly Column
CQ Radio Amateurs' Journal Several editorials and columns
Crazy Magazine "An Independent Survey Today Announced. . ." Oct 1973 Issue #1
Field and Stream 3 short stories
Notes Friends The Ultimate Fantastic Christmas Gift
Grump Magazine "Police Brutality In Nirvana or Does Life Carry A 24 Thousand Mile Warranty?" Grump Magazine - January 1967 Issue #10
Help Magazine "The Oldest Story" by Ed Fisher featuring Jean Shepherd and Nona Candler Help Magazine Issue #12 September 1961
Hootenanny "Folkbiz Forever More?" January 1964
Lithopinion "The Dollar"  Fall 1966
Mad Magazine The Night People vs. "Creeping Meatballism" Mad Magazine - April 1957 Issue #32
notes Mademoiselle "Jean Shepherd on the Hero Myth"
Metronome Stories by Metronome's 'Humor Editor'
National Lampoon Lampoon Jun 1970 - "S.P.L.A.T."
Nov 1970 - "Great Expectations; or the War of the Worlds"
New Jersey Monthly "Jersey, Oh Jersey" August 1985
Newsday "The Rise And Long-Overdue Fall Of The Wimp" June 30, 1985
"The Death of Storytelling"March - June 1984
New York Times Various topics
Omni Magazine October 1979 "The Lost Culture of Deli"
P.S. Magazine "Captain Ahab is Dead; Long Live Bob Dylan or Are The Beatles Really the Andrew Sisters in Drag?"
"Triviata Globus"
Playboy Various Short Stories
Popular Mechanics "The Two Faces of Indy"
Reader's Digest "The Decline And Fall Of The Wimp" - December 1985
Saturday Review  
The Realist "Radio Free America" - The Realist - May 1964 - Issue #50 
Town and Country December 1960   "Creative Giving"
TV Guide "When Schwartz wiggled his ears, that was history." - TV Guide - December 12, 1981
Videography Magazine "Remembrance of Things Past"
Village Voice "The Night People" column