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Shep's TV Series

"Jean Shepherd's America"

April 11, 1971

The "Jean Shepherd's America" series was produced by WGBH Boston for PBS. There were 13 shows in the first series in 1971 and 10 new shows in the second series in 1985 with 3 shows (Beer, Alaska, and Wyoming) being repeated from the 1st season. The first season was rernu in 1975 on PBS Thanks to Olivia Tappan for her input.

Studio / Network: WGBH - Snow Pond Productions
Director: Fred Barzyk
Asst Director:
Producer: Olivia Tappan, Leigh Brown
Executive Producer:
Running Time:
Links to Further Information:
• Season 1 Press kit
• 4-18-85 Wall Street Journal Review
• 4-28-85 NJ Star Ledger Review
• 1985 Life Magazine Review
• Article by Fred Barzyk

April 11,1971
Chicago Tribune Ad

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

June 12,1971
The San Bernardino County Sun

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

July 10,1975
Jean Shepherd Returns - The Daily Times News

Courtesy: Steve Glazer