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Known* Shows
*This is the number of shows that have been documented and
an estimate since some shows may be duplicates or re-runs of earlier broadcasts. Based on his 20+ years on WOR alone, there may have been close to 5,000 broadcasts of his shows, however there were occaisions that some broadcasts were reruns of earlier shows so the actual number of unique shows is hard to determine.
Summaries In Database
Latest 10 Summaries / Updates
summaryMarch 26, 1960
Blowing Bubbles
summaryMarch 19, 1975
TV Commercials
summaryJanuary 22, 1971
summaryJanuary 8, 1974
Unusual Hobbies Saluted on Stamps
summaryJanuary 1, 1973
Shepherd's New Year's Resolutions; Shep Repents
summaryNovember 22, 1958
Creatures of Nature
summaryNovember 8, 1958
Making History Because it Makes Sense - Reaching the Apex of Life
summaryNovember 2, 1958
Dr Sholem Stein - an interview
summaryNovember 1, 1958
Shep's Neolithic Period
summaryMay 26, 1970
Movie Stars - Commercials as Art Form
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Unknown 115
1952 1
1953 2
1956 1
1957 27
1958 22
1959 10
1960 48
1961 60
1962 159
1963 250
1964 154
1965 228
1966 269
1967 108
1968 60
1969 115
1970 151
1971 171
1972 259
1973 253
1974 146
1975 262
1976 320
1977 60
Total: 2027 / 3251

1976 Includes many Syndicated Shows
(I.E. Boston) which may be duplicates of WOR broadcasts and usually broadcast a week later.

About the Database

This is a database of all the known (to me) shows that have surfaced over the years from various sources. 

Show descriptions, commercials, music and notes may not be present for all the shows listed. This is an on-going project and is updated as information becomes available. In some cases full dates could not be determined so the partial dates reflect only the known portion.

Also, some dates may not reflect the true WOR broadcast date since the person taping the show would indicate the date it was aired on the radio station he was hearing it on.. Many shows were re-run in syndication such as in Boston with a week delay for the weekday shows. The Saturday shows appear to have been played on Sundays - 8 days later. Other areas had delays of several weeks. In some cases it could be determined if the date was original airdate or syndication airdate. In those cases the dates were adjusted and a note made to the effect in the notes section of the summary.

There is also the possibility that the person doing the taping may have misdated the show.

In all cases, as shows are listened to, close attention is paid for clues which may help verify the dates, repeats of earlier shows, and recurring topics


The following sources were a great help in compiling this database and my thanks to them:

Max Schmid - Schmidco Catalog
Jeff Beauchamp - Fatheadcentral CD Collection
Lowell Thelin
Gary Hines
Pete Delaney
Rich Badagliacca
Dave Post
Ken Applegate