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General Data

Fairleigh Dickinson

June 1967

Shep tells the story about being put on a troop train to an unknown destination and having to put in 24 hours of KP. He, and Gasser, and Ernie dish out the food to a train load of GIs. They finish their KP duties just as the train stops for water. Looking out over the landscape they see a store with a sign that says one word - "BEER". Shep offers to pay and Ernie loses the coin toss to get the beer. He heads down the embankment to buy three cans of beer, wearing only his shoes and army issue boxer shorts. As he is inside buying the beer, the train begins to move again and seeing this he begins the chase. Shep and Gasser are yelling from the train to run faster. Ernie chases the train, his dogtags flapping, but loses the race dropping back into the distance, never to be heard from again.