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ARRL Ham Convention
Last Update: 10-31-2018
ARRL Hudson Division Convention

Playboy Club - Great Gorge NJ

November 13, 1976

ARRL Convention at the Playboy Club in Great Gorge NJ - November 13, 1976. Shep was the speaker at 7:30pm. "Hows that for starting out with a kick in the ass?" Hams are one of the most unsmiling of audiences. . . I can tell you this because I'm one. . , when I'm off the air I sit for hours and just look like a ham! Shep talks about becoming a ham at the age of 13. "I cannot remember not being a ham!" He talks about his 9 year old friend who also had a ham licence - Schwartz. Shep said his call sign was W9KPY. He goes on to talk about going to his first ham convention as a kid.
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Courtesy: Steve Glazer