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Last Update: 12-05-2015
Fairleigh Dickinson

Intercollegiate Conference

February 11, 1967

Jean Shepherd, the witty radio personality and social commentator put the whole conference in perspective by responding to the question, "Where are we headed?" by describing someone he knew of in New Jersey who was headed for Howard Johnson's and then to a drive in movie with his date. Shepherd discussed the relationship of our dream world to the reality of our life. The student delegates left the conference unsure where the dream began and reality left off.

January 25,1967
Red Bank Register

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

February 06,1967
The Bridgeport Post

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

February 09,1967

Courtesy: Steve Glazer

February 15,1967
FDU Metropolitan

February 21,1967
Trinity Tripod

Courtesy: Steve Glazer