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General Data

SUNY - Stony Brook University


Stonybrook University - Mentioned on "Uncle Tom - The Bootlegger" show (also undated)
Additional Comments:
According to Flick Lives, in 1968 Shep came to perform at "Stonybrook University." Actually, it's called "SUNY Stony Brook," where "Stony Brook" is two words. I should know, because I attended both the university and Shep's performance, where I made the mistake of asking my childhood idol a post-concert question he didn't like. I was shocked when he quickly dismissed me as a "turkey" in front of the audience and my date/future wife. By now, though, after 38 years of marriage, I think she agrees with him. Also, I'm pretty sure that we actually saw him at SUNY SB in 1970, not 1968, since I didn't meet my wife until then and, as I said, we saw him there together. Ira Levine SUNY Stony Brook, Class of 71