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Jean Shepherd: "It Ain't Easy Being a Jerseyan"
New Jersey Profile

"I am not at all like the 'I' in my stories," warns Jean Shepherd, who for twenty-one years regaled WOR radio listeners with tales of growing up in Hammond, Indiana; of schoolroom demagogues and Dairy Queens; of Army rigamarole and middle-American ritual. His nightly monologues were more hyperbole than reality. "It may interest you to know that I never went to a prom," says the man whose vivid account of Wanda Hickey and "her night of golden memories" was portrayed in a book by that name, and later on television. "And I have never gone to a Dairy Queen."...

Copyright: 1978 New Jersey Monthly


February 1978
NJ Monthly pg 1

Courtesy: William Welsch

February 1978
NJ Monthly pg 2

Courtesy: William Welsch