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Radio is for Boobs

Humorist Jean Shepherd is onstage at Princeton University before 1,800 spell-and-spiel-bound listeners between the ages of 8 and 65. "I tell you this, friends," he evangelizes sotto voce. "The race of life is a sack race. As you go hobbling through this great competition with this sack on your leg, you are coupled with another partner. . .

Additional Comments:
Shep discusses life after radio. How he is working on a new TV series based on his books. Interesting quote from Shep: "I have often felt that I had a great lack professionally: the drive to be famous. I like going my way."

Copyright: 1977 People Magazine


September 19,1977
Jean and the Leg Lamp

September 19,1977
Fishing in the back yard

September 19,1977
Jean and Leigh

September 19,1977
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September 19,1977
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