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"Jean Shepherd" - The Comic Strip

A concept supported by Shep but never realized

Back in 1978 cartoonist, and Shep fan, John Roman came up with the idea of doing a cartoon strip based on the stories of Jean Shepherd. He set to work drawing up 3 weeks worth of the cartoon and sent them off to Shep never really expecting to hear from him until one day the phone rang... Shep liked the idea and they worked together on trying to get it syndicated, but as time wore on Shep became involved in working on "A Christmas Story" and it never came to be. The story lines vary drawing from various topics such as Soap Box Derbys, Josephene Cosnowski, Batteries, and the quest for the Red Ryder. With so many years on the radio, there would be plenty of material to draw from. Shep even hints about the comics on two of his CBS commentaries

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Sample Strip - This was drawn in 1978 - 5 years before "A Christmas Story" was made