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Fleabag Memories - Trapped in the John
Airdate: Tuesday - November 25, 1969

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First Line After Theme Ends
Hello, test, hello, very good, very good. . .
Show Description
We rarely take time out to salute the little things which mean so much to us in our daily pursuit of happiness - the potato chip and bread and butter pickles. Did you ever notice that the bigger and more important the newspaper, the shorter the name they have? Some weddings are tru slob art. A wedding at the 1st Baptist Church in Alabama featured a cupid dressed in pink tights with a bow and arrow. A flock of white doves were also released. A listener writes in that he got caught writing "Flick Lives" on a desktop in school. Cambridge Mass - 4 men and a woman invade a class on campus and were arrested - they were studying behavioral psychology. Confusing signs on public restrooms: Shep tells about being on a recent trip to Maine and being in a restaurant. Shep and the group he was with watch a lady go into the men's room by accident Quite a few men go in after her and yet she doesn't come out. More men go in and come out, still no sign of the lady. After about 20 minutes she comes flying out with a very red face. He tells of his own personal experience as the victim. Once while on business on the 79th floor of a building in New York, he finishes his meeting and when in the hall decides to go to the bathroom. He goes into the ladies room by accident. Suddenly he hears the voices of 2 women coming into the bathroom. He dodges into the stall, locks it and jumps up on the seat. The women are there for a while talking, trying to get into the stall, and considering calling maintenance to come and open it. Shep is pouring sweat by now, but fortunately they leave. He waits a few seconds and then scurries out of the stall. As he gets out into the hallway, the 2 ladies are waiting for the elevator. They all get on together and the 2 women keep looking at him. He could imagine what they were thinking - and imagine if they say him on the Steve Allen show one day!
Shep tells this pun: There were three pregnant squaws sleeping on animal hides. One on an elk hide, one on a deer hide, and the third on a hipotomus hide. The first 2 gave birth to sons, and the third to twins. This proves that "the Squaw of the hipotumous is equal to the sum of the squaws of the other two hides." He tells the ladies room story again on the 4-23-76 show
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Boodle Am Shake
In The Good Old Summertime (2) (3:49; 10:58)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
Tony Galano
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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