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Crashing Summer Picnics
Airdate: Friday - June 19, 1970

WOR Show

Show Description
I'm Popeye the sailor man The relationship of summer to the passion quotient. Shep does a whole show about the fun of crashing picnics. Schwartz, Bruner, Flick and Shep start by crashing a Greek picnic eating everything in sight. He gets home and for a half hour experience total nausea. Next they hit the American Legion picnic eating everything in sight again. Atmospheric effects on the moon - the "Blood Moon" The one they almost crashed, but were stopped in their tracks was a picnic for the KKK! They crashed the Lithouanian Picnic for so many years people got to know them.
This is WOR New York in case you want to know who is giving you all this cooking advice tonight.
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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