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Hitchhiking to Maryland
Airdate: Friday - March 27, 1970

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Show Description
Shep get's a Jews Harp made in 1883 from a listener. He plays it to Hindustan and compares it to his own Jews Harp. Modern Medicine - March 9, 1970 "It's What's Up Front That Counts" Reads article about breat implants. A salute with El Capitan playing in the background. The Theatre of the Absurd - Federico Fellini Movies 'Corporal Shepherd's Oddysy' - Stationed in Maryland at the University of Maryland, Shep is shipped to Ft Monmouth. He has a date with a girl in Maryland and hitchhikes there.
Miller Beer
Movie Promotion
Shep - Live Appearance
El Capitan
Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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