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Bullets, Xrays, and a Corkscrew
Airdate: Thursday - April 10, 1969

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Show Description
Kid brings marijuana seeds to school for "Show and Tell" President Nixon's sense of humor Lack of humor noted among technical people Doctors' sense of humor based on real world - man's x-ray shows swallowed stainless steel corkscrew ( "It's a good one, too - Hoffritz!") 30 caliber bullet on x-ray of guy's shoulder - origin unknown Man deaf for 20 years - full hearing restored after cork pops out during ear cleaning Unknown origin of bullet holes in Shep's gas tank Jet forced to land due to 22 caliber bullet "winged" by guy in cornfield Guy in Jersey finds finger in bag of grass seed Evil Knieval's planned motorcycle jump across Grand Canyon
Air Jamaca
Great Shanghai
Miller Beer
New York Coliseum
Shep - Live Appearance
None Listed
Engineer and others in Booth
By: Lowell Thelin
Date: -
Rating: 4
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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