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Frozen in a Block of Ice
Airdate: Saturday - March 15, 1969

WOR Show

Show Description
"Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" with Jew's Harp and Kazoo Salute to Gorillas - Officials at zoo in Bristol, England attempting to fingerprint three gorillas Letter from kid who purchased a 1936 Hudson - Shep relates "the facts of life" learned from his own Hudson Hornet ("an aggressive piece of junk") purchased from Friendly Fred Story of Old Man's Essex which couldn't get off the street car tracks due to bad kingpins as street car approaches Description of the lot of the "walkin around guy" - the guy not invited to the Roman orgies who might have had cleanup duty in the lion cages at the coliseum Adaptability of cockroaches and man - both can be frozen in a block of ice and survive when thawed Story of radio station promotion at a circus in which Shep (age 17) is frozen in a block of ice while providing five minute remote broadcasts every three hours to describe the process - complete with a feeding tube, rubber suit, attached microphone, and refrigeration tank
55 minute Saturday show - "A Classic" LT This show was edited down to 45 minutes and replayed on December 9, 1970.
Shep - Live Appearance
Bill Baily
Engineer and others in Booth
Summary By
Lowell Thelin
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