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Turkeys and Thanksgiving
Airdate: Thursday - November 28, 1968

WOR Show

First Line After Theme Ends
Did you see that cartoon of the 2 turkeys... 
Show Description
Opening with a turkey joke Shep then recites "When Father Carves the Duck" He tells about the time when he was caught between two flocks of turkeys on his way to a date and the mess that followed. Shep sidesteps after the commercials to tell about his embarrassing moment on the Skitch Henderson Show. Conclusion of the first turkey story, Shep arrives to pick up his date, Patty, at the drugstore where she worked. The second turkey story is about the time when was living in Cincinnati, he was flown to Tennessee by a co-worker at the radio station to hunt wild turkeys.
Speaking of turkeys this is WOR
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Miller Beer
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Engineer and others in Booth
Herb Squire
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Jim Clavin
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