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Vote For The Tiger and Raising Worms
Airdate: Wednesday - June 19, 1968

WOR Show

Show Description
"45 minutes to unwind" Voting for the Esso tiger Randy in the Air Force stationed in Burma. One night a tiger gets into the transmitter shack. Letters form listeners re. voting for the tiger Driving along route 206 stops by a stand where a kid is selling worms. He asks the kid how he gets the worms. "By digging them stupid" Shep tells about how at the age of 10 he developed a method for raising worms using an old Ford spark coil.
[Commercials cut]
Speaking of in bad tiger, this is WOR right here in the heart of the big mire and the big swamp of AM radio. Boy, they talk about television being a wasteland - Holy Smokes!
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Needs to be ID'd
ragtime - St Louis Blues?
Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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