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Without Them You Would Not Have Existed
Airdate: Monday - November 20, 1972

WOR Show

Show Description
Shep opens by reading "Evolution" Stories that have influenced us as kids. The cave man period of life. What kid drama was based on a cave man? Wizard of Oz - Shep asks a group of trivia questions about the story. What city? What road? Visiting a museum with Miss Robinette. Looking at the cave man exhibit. A family of cave people. She pointed out that these were our ancestors. Without them we wouldn't even exist.
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Dating Notes: I think that the Pete Delaney date for the show in question is correct, that is, 11-21-72. Remember, (based on your note) that Shepherd made the statement that it is the day before Thanksgiving. Since the show was at 10:15 to 11:00 pm, the "day" which was two days before Thanksgiving is in all practicality over and completed! That makes his comment that it is the day before Thanksgiving plausible in my opinion for a 11-21-72 date (late at night!). Think of it this way - If it really was within a hour or two of Thanksgiving (that is, 10:30 pm or so on 11-22-72), would any one really say that it is the "day before Thanksgiving?" All this, of course, raises the question of the validity of the date of 11-21-72 "Without them you would not have existed." As it turns out, it was a tossup whether to date this show as 11-21-72 or 11-20-72. Perhaps, I made the wrong guess. Here is my reasoning as to why it could just as well be 11-20-72. The five inch reels of tape I got from Larry Krewer always had four shows on them - two in one direction and two more when the reels were turned over and wound back to the original reel (standard mono half track recordings). Larry's Dad, who taped these shows, always taped the second show of each side of the tape immediately after the first, with no filler audio inbetween. But when the second show was recorded, he just let the tape record through to the end and got anywhere between three to eight minutes or so of Lester Smith's 11:00 pm news after the Shepherd show at the tail end of the tape. The second show on the first side of the tape was dated as Friday, November 17th, 1972, based on the news. If the second show on the second side of the reel is convincingly dated as Nov. 22 (which I feel it is), then the first show on the second side of the reel is either Monday or Tuesday the 20th or 21st - a tossup since there is no news broadcast to nail it down. But since Pete Delaney marked the show in question as the 21st, and we can justify the "day before Thanksgiving" dilemna for that show based on my discussion above, then we can safely move "Without them you could not have existed!" to Monday, November 20th, 1972.
Additional Notes:
Known Recordees: Alan Kalish - 055 / Larry Krewer
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