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Hobbies, Radar, Beer and Tonsils
Airdate: Saturday - November 11, 1967

Limelight Show

Show Description
Visiting Grandma The old man shedding clothes through the kitchen Lincoln Logs and creative building 'Exotic Post Cards', but the old man gets them first - Shep heals under the daybed National Cat Week, Oral Hygene Week, Hobby Week Uncle Al selling suits made from 'cheese cloth' Shep collected match books as a kid and his mother finds the collection under the basement steps. She sends them to Shep in New York - all 7 bags. The real stories of what scares Gis - the rumor about the effects of radar on Gis. Gassor goes to town to see if it's true. Zinsmeister proves it's not true and has to get married. Getting the hometown newspaper - 7 pounds of the Hammond Times. The 1.7 million dollar radar unit that couldn't find itself. Shep tells about the time his doctor told his mother to give him a can of beer evernight with supper in order to gain some weight. Shep and the old man become midnight drinking buddies. Shep goes to get his tonsils out.
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Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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