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Judgment Day / Book Report for Miss Bryfogel
Airdate: Saturday - October 14, 1967

Limelight Show

Show Description
1st Half Hour First shaves Aunt Glen gives Shep a copy of Silas Marner & a pair of bunny slippers for Christmas Visiting Aunt Berniece & Uncle Roy - stuffing rubber Nabiscos down the radiator Having instincts about evil - the feeling of being caught Judgement day with St. Peter 2nd Hour Huntley and Brinkley National Oral Hygene Week Al ("Scut") Farkas and Grover Dill (Class Bully and Toady - ACS) Classroom seating - "Even the fourth grade had a slum" Miss Breyfogal and Faking Book Reports (See notes)
The book report story appeared in the following: "Miss Bryfogel And The Case Of The Warbling Cuckold" - Playboy Aug 1966 "Miss Bryfogel And The Frightening Case Of The Speckle-Throated Cuckold" - "In God We Trust. . ." "My Summer Story" (Movie - 1992)
Speaking of Fakes - what radio station is this? WOR
None Listed
None Listed
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Jim Clavin
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