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Second Bananas in Politics, Age of Total Showbiz
Airdate: Thursday - November 10, 1966

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
All right, thank you very much Skip. . .
Show Description
"Tonight we may very well give you the clue as to who you are, why you are and what you are." A salute to America in the 20th Century: - the 20th century will go down as the age of total show biz - Efrem Zimbalist Jr addresses the graduating class of FBI men. - Graduating class of nurses is addressed on the responsibility of nursing by an actress who played a nurse on the TV show 'The Nurses' Playing a leading man or the hero are two totally different roles. Second bananas in movies never get the girl. A discussion about Barbie and Ken and Midge. Did commercials for an undertaking parlor. Shep tells how his mother was a great whistler. She used to hang over the sink whistling Ragtime Cowboy Joe. Good guys and bad guys in movies and politics. It's always the good looking guy who is the good guy in the movies and the same thing with politics - the good looking guy always wins.
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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