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First Day HS, Army Story-Silent Treatment for Corporal
Airdate: Saturday - September 9, 1967

Limelight Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 02-29-2024

First Line After Theme Ends
Before we continue, madam you will have to get dressed. . . .
Show Description
Going to High School for the first time The fear of Algebra Eats his lunch (Twinkies and sandwiches) before school The first day - Miss Snyder - Homeroom 1st class is Swimming [break 29:00] Ending up in the girls locker room because his name was 'Jean' He ends up going to the school garage and taking the offer of some chewing tobacco Next he ends up in a girls health class Biology Lab - disecting a worm with lab partner Pearl [Break 01:02:02] Switches to Army story
Shep mentions Zinsmeister as one of his Biology classmates. Zinsmeister was one of the key Army characters he spoke of.
Commercials (All times approximate)
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Show Notes - Things Shep Referred to, Dating Related, or Just Plain Interesting
67-09-09 LL Summer over First Day High School Randy-Piggie, Eats Lunch before School mid-break 29:00 (no ID or news) Class schedule Me Schwartz and ZINSMEISTER??? Ms Crystal Reeder-Disecting Worms ID @ 1:02:00 Army Story - Silent Treatment for Corporal
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