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Mr. Chuckie's World of Fashion
Airdate: Wednesday - August 10, 1966

WOR Show

Mr Chuckie reads NY Post article: The World of Women - It's Getting to be a Man's World, too. Wants to leak into FM the way AM leaks into FM and ruin Murray the K's show $50,000 Mystery sound - (boxing glove?) Chinatown My Chinatown with Shep's new lyrics Beer guzzling mongoose, gin ad - boozing as a hobby -Mr Bruner's favorite movie - Lost Weekend Football team switches uniforms for psychological advantage Shep's HS team wore purple pants and silver jerseys Training for the team, something shocks him from behind - kicked by a guy who is "all neck with two feet on the bottom" for dragging his butt History teacher Wilson suggests that they always lose when they wear white uniforms
Speaking of Blood... This is WOR AM & FM (proving old habits die hard - the show switched to AM only on Aug 1)
Mayo 7
Miller Beer
Regal Crown Sour Candies
Rover 2000
Chinatown My Chinatown
Needs to be ID'd
Fifty Great Moments Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1 Opus 23 in B flat minor (aka Tonight We Love)
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
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