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Awake Out There! - Big Brother's Cameras
Airdate: Friday - July 22, 1966

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You're not putting me on, that's a real question dad . . .
Show Description
1984 - The book by George Orwell "Big Brother is Watching You" "Now, I've had a thesis for a long time, for what it's worth, that almost anything that comes into being, that is an eventual evil, is always hailed as a new discovery in good." JS A story about a major city that has 24 hour a day, automatic, television surveillance so the police can see what's going on. "You know there is a peculiar, undeniable, fascination that you feel for observing other people at a distance" JS Shep tells about his friend Jerry who has a color TV camera set up on his roof and can zoom in and pan across rooftops blocks away. And with sound!
Shep mentions that it is Friday Geogre Orwell Links:
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Limelight - Shep
Miller Beer
Rover 2000
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King Kong Suite
Needs to be ID'd
people music (2:00)
Engineer and Staff in Booth
'Corny' - Elga Cornell Brown
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By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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