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Archie Declares War, Army Cockroaches
Airdate: Monday - July 11, 1966

WOR Show

First Line After Theme Ends
And once again it's time for... Oh wait a minute, I forgot. Whatis it time for? 
Show Description
Warning! This show is not for the squeamish, nervous, women or children. Shep reads one of the Archie stories by Don Marquis called "Archie Declares War" Speaking of cockroaches - this is WOR. The sponsor is the barnacle of the radio world, clinging to the ship and occasionally dragging it down. Shep reads a Reader's Digest clipping about the origin and evolution of the cockroach. They were here when the dinosaurs arrived and still around when the dinosaurs left. How they have learned to survive, eating almost anything. They love soap. In the Army, Shep and Gasser are stationed in the Florida Everglades and encounter some of the largest cockroaches they've ever seen. 2-1/2 inches long, with a seven inch wingspan. "The one thing that the cockroach knows how to do is hang in there - baby! The cockroach makes the scene and will continue to make the scene forever and ever."
Speaking of cockroaches - this is WOR.
Rover 2000
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Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Jim Clavin
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