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Shep's Trip to the Middle East - Part 4
Airdate: Thursday - June 9, 1966

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'Do I sound different tonite? They're letting the night shift use the day shift microphones tonight. Tel Aviv - Walking this waterfront street at 1 am. The dark rolling waters of the Mediterranean, the sounds of middle eastern music from a thousand windows. The city stays up late, but the stores close at 1 in the afternoon and reopen at 4 to avoid the day's heat. The girls pick up where Sohia Loren left off. Most tourists go to the tourist attractions, but there are more magnificent and interesting areas to vist. The music of any area tells you more about the area than anything else. Shep describes a restaurant and the atmosphere. It's an oriental restaurant, but they do not serve Chinese or Japanese. They serve middle eastern food here. Outside a sheep stands in the middle of the street, and a burrow comes around the corner with a girl riding carrying peppers. The music permeates the air along with the smells of the sheep, the tobaccos, and the Mediterranean. An in the middle of it all is The Brooklyn Ice Cream Shop - in Tel Aviv.
Honda Motorcyles
Miller Beer
Rover 2000
Port Said
Engineer and others in Booth
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