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Shep's Trip to the Middle East - Part 1
Airdate: Monday - June 6, 1966

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"I'm forever blowing bubbles" Shep begins by explaining that he has just spent the past 2 weeks in the Middle East and describes the desert wind playing over his forehead while lying in the sack. "A strange world which is so completely removed from our world" Talks about 1st time he went in the late 50's and visited Syria, Lebanon, and the Negev Desert. Shep describes the trip through the Desert, seeing camels from Jordan, experiencing the heat, A Roman fort of the 3rd Legion, the going past King Solomons Mines, the Dead Sea, and on towards the Red Sea.
Rover 2000
Tar Gard
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Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Jim Clavin
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