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Broken window / Company K: Firing Range
Airdate: Saturday - June 4, 1966

Limelight Show

Quotes Batman comic strip. Mrs Stryker, the neighbor who would call the cops on the kids playing ball; long aside into Concrete Mexican story; back to softball, which breaks Mrs. Stryker's window. The gang hides under porch, but she calls their mothers. The awful sound of your mother calling your name. Lifebuoy treatment causes Jeannie to rat out his friends after trying to pin it on Jack Martin, but even Mom knows he couldn't have done it. (Paul) Schwartz, and he and Flick have to use all summer job money to pay for the damage, and try to assess who owes how much. Break for news after Eye Bank PSA and Journal American notice of closure since April 24. Ed Petit with the news. Company K on the rifle range - one guy shoots foot, then they take turns shooting at targets and going to the pit to mark them. They help out a pal by punching holes in bullseye - he makes sharpshooter. The next day he is in the pit and THEY make sharpshooter. #&@*-Detail, will you get a pick or a shovel? Captain Riker has Co.K dig a ditch, then line it with rocks. They start after dinner, work all night and the next day. The general visits Camp Crouder, hates it, and orders it all filled back in. To reward the men for their labor, Riker breaks out a case of Scotch for a secret party, and they get drunk "by the numbers". Shep is assigned to the supply room. In the back they find World War One uniforms and try them on, but the Sergeant wants to sell them for big bucks as surplus to a costume company. This story is cut off by the end of the broadcast.
This is a rebroadcast according to an introductory piece by Shep. He is on his trip to the Middle East.
Speaking of shovels that reminds me of something - what radio station is this?
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Engineer and others in Booth
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Max Schmid
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