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Great Plains of Kansas
Airdate: Thursday - June 2, 1966

WOR Show

Will do the whole show with a cigar in his mouth. News from Kansas. Recalls train trip through Kansas during Army years. Goldberg, from Brooklyn, has acute agoraphobia, can't look out window at the empty spaces. Also on board, Zinsmeister, who would become a colonel. AP news story of Miss America's visit to Great Bend. Kansas: "It makes a different kind of man".
Shep goes into greater detail on a July 1968 show called "Creatures of Nature" about Dan, the rider sitting next to him.
Miller Beer
Rover 2000
None Listed
Needs to be ID'd
(same as yesterday, whatever its called) Train Sounds record
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Max Schmid
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