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Mike Todd's Party for Liz Taylor
Airdate: Tuesday - March 15, 1966

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The circus motif and gallimaufry: "Self destructive art" - London A new art magazine will devote an issue to self destructive art. The magazine pages will be treated to disintegrate after about 4 weeks. Fox hunters in England disrupted by Gwendolyn Barter who couldn't watch while hunters dug out a fox. Lexington Ave. - where the "in" people hang around. Fluffy sweaters and skinny pants. Washington Redskins football team right in the middle of it. Pennsylvania Dutch hobby - saving batteries, myths about batteries. The old Ford coil. Cleaning up Flick's Tavern "Smell-o-vision" The Mike Todd story. "One of the most unbelievable orgies - one of the most fantastic events I have ever witnessed in my entire born days!"
Pete Delaney wrote an article for the April 8, 1994 edition of Movie Collector's World regarding this party. (fan_page_pd.htm)
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Piel's Beer
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Engineer and others in Booth
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Jim Clavin
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