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Booksigning - "Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories..."
Airdate: Friday - September 3, 1971

Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters

Last Update: 02-23-2012

Show Description
4-6pm Bookhouse at 178 E Front Street in Plainfield, NJ
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Ed Suhaka - 02-23-2012 ] Here's an interesting story from Ed Suhaka who made the papers back home while stationed in Korea. What makes the tale of this clipping more interesting is that I have one of the books signed by Shep at that signing. It was sent to me by my mother as a gift. I was in the Army then, stationed in Korea at Camp Humphreys . Also, I was (and still am), a ham radio operator. My call sign then was WB2KXT. One sentence in the story reads "He obliged a fellow ham radio operator by signing his call letters K2ORS". She also wrote: " I asked Shep if he had any tapes of his radio program for sale. Shep said no. Why, he asked. I told him a G.I. in Korea had taped Shep and the tapes are getting worn out from playing them over & over. His face lit up as he turned to his agents and said "Hey, there's a guy who taped my radio shows", and with that he signed his call letters." The inscription in the book reads "To Ed WB2KXT get home soon!! DE Jean Shepherd K2ORS 73". (To a ham sending in code DE means "from" and 73 means "best regards").


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• Article from Plainfield Observer News

September 06,1971
Plainfield Courier News - Booksigning

Courtesy: Ed Suhaka

Book Autographed by Shep for GI in Korea - Fellow Ham Operator

Courtesy: Ed Suhaka

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